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  • Are you a business owner or do you have a job that doesn’t pay overtime?

  • Are you too much in the day-to-day activities and wish you had more time for strategy and vision?

  • Are you transitioning from an operator of your craft to a business owner?

A business coach can help you.

How do you choose the right business coach?

Avi has over a decade of management and leadership experience. In 2017, he decided to follow his passion and use his business management experience, leadership experience, and "textbook brain", to start coaching small business owners. It was his way to give back to the business community and put his skills to good use.

Siegel Business Consulting focuses on strategy, coaching, leadership, training, and accountability. Avi will work with you to optimize your business, hone your leadership skills, refine your executive management talents, and think outside the box.

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Choose someone who not only has academic knowledge and real life-experience, but is invested in your goals and driven when it comes to your success.

When you know, you know. Avi’s entrepreneurial journey began at the young age of 6 when he started buying and selling trading cards. By the age of 18, Avi had a plethora of expertise under his belt, including managing a popular retail ice cream store, creating and running a second-hand textbook company, as well as starting a dog walking company in Manhattan. After graduating with a business degree in entrepreneurship, Avi was sought out to help grow a family business.

Now, with 10+ years of business management and leadership, Avi focuses his time on helping small business owners achieve next-level success. He helps executives navigate growth cycles, develop strategic objectives, manage personnel, and more.

Avi is a lifelong learner, devouring as many business books as possible. He chases his quest for self-improvement professionally as well as personally. He loves playing board games and sports with his wife and their three children, and in his spare time, Avi can be found researching nutrition and exercising.

About Avi

Work with an expert mentor and partner to grow your business!

Here are a few services Avi provides:

Coaching & Accountability

Learn strategic problem-solving, scenario-based debriefing, and gain an accountability partner at your side.

Personalized Training To Fit Your Organizational Needs

Mission and vision, healthy conflict resolution, SWOT analysis, goal setting, delegation

Leadership Skill

Communication, motivation, vision, creative thinking, decision making, change management, emotional intelligence & coaching


Happy Clients

Growing a business comes with no shortage of challenges both in the long term and the day-to-day. Avi provides me the tools to better structure and utilize my time for the benefit of the business. His guidance has helped me identify and address many of the obstacles I've encountered as well as develop a plan to scale and take the company to the next level. Avi's care and passion make you feel like he cares for your business as if it's his own.

Daniel D.

Avi has been consulting and advising me on various aspects of my business since December 2020. We work on everything, analyzing strategic business opportunities, challenges, and providing creative input on growing my business. He has been instrumental in keeping me focused and holding me accountable for projects and tasks with committed timelines. Avi is always available for advice about new ideas, assistance with day-to-day issues, competitors, and employees. He is a great resource as he is very well-read and has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and business acumen that he freely shares. He brings so much value to my company, and I look forward to continuing to grow with his support and direction.

Deborah B.

Working on executive skills and deepening my strategy toolkit with Avi is one part business, one part personal growth, and one part fun. His ability to create internal incentives for me is what makes me most value our time together. I couldn't recommend the investment in yourself more.

Gabi W.

Avi is a dynamic leader who's demonstrated his ability to grow and develop talent with his own business. He has helped me develop my business acumen and strategic planning and implementation. I would strongly recommend Avi to anyone looking to significantly grow their business and/or career. Avi has extensive knowledge of leadership principles and leverages them to increase output in his coachees.

Hillel G.

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